Portrait of Jamie

Bonjour! ~ Konnichiwa! ~ ¡Hola! ~ Howdy!

Welcome! I'm Jamie Sutton. Resident robot Shopify samurai. You may have seen me around just a little. I build web sites. More specifically I build e-commerce web sites, almost exclusively on the amazingly beautiful Ruby based platform Shopify.

What the devil does that mean for you? It means you have a friend on the inside of nerd-dom. I understand "geek speak" but will never ever use it on a client (unless they ask me to). Leave all that code jibber jabber mumbo jumbo to me. That's what I'm here for. I translate your ideas onto the screen. Your job is making whatever you make, doing whatever service you do. My job is to make a shop that, with a little bit of training from me you can easily run yourself without a degree from MIT.

I'm a self trained former (and present) fine arts/English lit guy and illustrator. So I've pulled myself up by the bootstraps when it comes to all this web and social media stuff. I've been making Shopify sites for 6+ years now and know the system inside and out. I work well with others and have a few friendly & amazing partners that I work with from time to time as well. I'm rabid for information on anything I'm interested in, which means I keep up to date with the latest and greatest web tech so that I can stay on top of my game.

I'm a super-nice friendly, and helpful guy and ♥ what I do. If you need something then get in touch and we can make a beautiful site together. Whether you just want to improve your Shopify store or create one from scratch look no further.

Mad Skillz

  • Custom Shopify Web Design
  • CSS + HTML5 + jQuery + Shopify
  • Shopify Instruction (How to run your shop)
  • Shopify Theme Expansion & Customization
  • Graphic Design + Illustration (of course!)
  • Logo + Packaging & Print Design
  • Custom UI and jQuery
  • Great Conversationalist!


Portrait of Jamie

Salut! ~ Xin chào! ~ Góðan dag! ~ Ciào!

I'm Robyn Sutton! Content sherpa with mad organizational skillz. I have a BA in Media Arts and a Minor in English from USC. Over ten years in the corporate arena and tired of boxing, I was ready to use my acquired knowledge and apply to something I love, Shopify eCommerce! The diversity of clients we work with, make each day an adventure. Learning the aspects of our client's business, building a strategy and creating solutions to turn their dream into reality is what we do best!

Planning, prepping and content management are my specialties. I coordinate with clients on everything from proposals to blog articles. Questions about photography or need high quality images? Let's Chat.

We love Green Printing! We can produce highly visual graphic designs and reproduction quality artwork for advertising and marketing materials to boost your business! Questions? Take your biz to the next level! Contact me!

Mad Skillz

  • Shopify Store Planning/Administration
  • SEO Keyword Scoping
  • Shopify Instruction (How to run your shop)
  • Layout and Printing
  • Shopify Products Set-up
  • Organizer Extraordinaire
  • Work-a-holic!

A Few Shopify Projects

How We Work

  • Project Definition

    The first thing we do when evaluating a new project is listen. We want to hear your needs and get a feel for what you have in mind.... Then we ask questions. Don't be surprised if it seems like we're interviewing you. We are. We really want to know you and know your product inside and out, and what makes it great. We want to understand your vision and your needs so that we can make a great match when it's time to plan out a site strategy.

  • Site Structure

    So here's where all those questions we asked start coming into play. Depending on what you sell, whether it's a service or a product, we need to know who your client is. Our target audience, branding, product, and site needs directly effect how every site needs to be laid out presentationally.

  • Visual Design

    The fun parts can start to begin. We decide on a grid to work with and then... Colors, textures, product images, typefaces, moodboards. Everything that starts exhilarating the artist within. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks all start coming into play and ideas start progressing rapidly on screen.

  • Site Development

    Once we have finalized all the layouts for the site such as the home page, product pages, collection pages, blogs and plain text pages we can finally roll up our sleeves and start all the backend work. CSS, HTML5, and jQuery are all components in the first round. Once all the static code is complete and tested we finish up by bringing it in to Shopify and using it's liquid templating language to bring it all together. Theme settings are created and key components are routed through the templates to make a nice simple backend user interface for you to manage your bespoke theme.

  • Launch

    Products have to be entered and we're here to help you get up and on your feet and will help you develop the skills to manage your new web shop on a day to day basis. this includes managing your theme, entering products, creating collections, and tracking your orders. Don't worry if you ever need us post launch on a job by job basis we are always just a phone call or email away.

Just A Little Praise

Jamie took our existing website design and adapted it to fit with the Shopify platform. He was great to work with, very knowledgable about Shopify, and turned around the project in a very tight timeline. I would highly recommend Jamie!

Sarah Brubaker
Marketing / pickapeckpickles.com

Evolution Design is a positively ideal Shopify development partner. Jamie is attentive, precise, quick, creative and incredibly friendly. He has as much if not more Shopify experience than anyone out there, knows the system backwards and forwards, and is able to provide excellent design advice in addition to development. I will continue working with Evolution indefinitely. You should too.

Dan Goldman
Owner / Founder / Panyl

Jamie was wonderful to work with. He was very prompt and professional. Our site did not fit the typical Shopify template and Jamie found creative ways to make the great Shopify platform work for our design and function the way we wanted it to. I have very little web experience and Jamie was able to easily teach me to manage our site. I recommend him highly to anyone.

Lori Thompson Finke
Owner / Jayne Thompson Antiques

Jamie is wonderful to work with; I'll continue working with him as my site progresses. He is was accessible and delivered on time. Knowledgeable and willing to work with my ideas while providing me with suggestions to make my site look great and run smoothly. I tried to do this on my own and just couldn't. I'm very pleased.

Betsy Doody
Owner / Founder / The Year of the Dog

Jamie is a consummate professional who knows shopify inside and out. He was incredibly kind and engaging and fixed issues with my site a an extremely short timeframe. Excellent communicator with wonderful Southern charm. I give Jamie and Evolution Design the highest marks for professionalism, skill, and speed.

Dara Furlow
Owner / Founder / With Love From Brooklyn

Jamie exceeded my expectations! He provided expert Shopify and e-commerce guidance, made an effort to help me save money along every step, and showed a complete understanding of new and old Shopify tools and techniques! Together we went from concept to open store in less than 30 days! As my business expands, I'll definitely be using Jamie/Evolution Design to grow! Thank you Jamie!

Tracy Neil
Owner / Founder / Holiday Beer Shop

Jamie was AWESOME! And guess what, he is an web developer that talks english! He was always full of great ideas and willing to share his knowledge and resources. I highly recommend Jamie and would be willing to provide a verbal recommendation for him. Thank you Jamie!

Laura Lopez
Owner / Founder / Gilly Loco Salsa

Jamie Sutton has been a fabulous resource for me and my site. He has not only been a trustworthy consultant that has empowered me to manage parts of the site, but also a problem solver and efficient expert in fixing and improving the site. I find him to be accessible, approachable, exceptional in customer service and an excellent communicator. On many occasions he has gone the extra mile. I am very grateful for his attention and talents!

Ruth Beauchamp
Owner / Founder / Orandaworks

Jamie Sutton at Evolution Design is fantastic. He is a partner in every sense. He works quickly and thoroughly and is great problem solver. He is also has tons of patience and is a great teacher. He knows the Shopify platform inside and out. He was pleasure to work with. He responds rapidly to questions and concerns. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Peter Manning
Owner / Founder / petermanning.com

My first encounter with another web developer hadn’t been great so I was wary when I was looking for another developer. From our first email exchange and skype call, we knew Jamie was the one for us. He was friendly, patient and knowledgeable. He really took time out to ask what I wanted and he explained (without the geek speak) what he was going to do.
Although I am in Australia and we are in different time zones, he always got back to my emails in a timely manner and skyped when needed.
He guided me through what I had to do from my end and in return I have gained great skills to look after the website on my own. I remember during our first conversation, he said, ‘I will do everything so that when the project is finished, you never have to call me for anything..’ And he’s right.
My brief to Jamie was, ‘I’d like it to be clean, modern and easy to navigate’… and that’s exactly what I got and more. See for yourself.. he nailed it.
Thank you Jamie and Robyn! For everything! I can't wait to work with you another project soon!

Suki Kwon
Owner / Founder / Sukimama

We were looking for someone to build a website with easy functioning on the back end and have the look we wanted on the front end. We posted the job on a forum and Jamie seemed like the best fit. He requested that we speak over the phone and we went over our vision of our new site. Jamie was responsive and met his deadline as promised. Any problems that we came across with creating the look we wanted he was able to inform us of the options we had and come up with a solution. With Evolution Design, Everything is Possible! Thank you!

Julia Poliadis
Wellbox Product Manager / Wellbox USA

We had been struggling with finding a good web designer for some time when we lucked into Jamie and Evolution Design. Jamie is easy to work with, professional, and very responsive to questions and discussion. He helped us crystallize what we needed on our website, then built it in record time and at a bargain price. We definitely recommend Evolution Design to anyone looking for a slick new website, on the Shopify platform or any other.

Daniel Elliot
Vice President / Alarm Expert / NextAlarm Monitoring Services, Inc.

Thank you Jamie and Robyn for all of your help and hard work for the Olivia Bloom site! I absolutely love it and being that I am not the most tech savvy, I truly feel that I am, with all that Jamie taught me! All the best!

Neada J. Onufrychuk
President / CEO / Olivia Bloom

Jamie and Robyn were wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job. We receive compliments daily from people who visit our site, routinely saying it is best in class in our industry. Jamie guided us through the website building process with good direction, a lot of patience, and quick responses to questions. Their attention to detail and willingness to help the evolution of the site is second to none!

Jason Adams
Owner / Fly Fisherman Extraordinaire / Blue River Fly Company

Jamie is amazing! Not only did he bring my design to life, but he made it more interactive, fluid and simple-to-mange than I imagined! Jamie worked closely with me to get just the right look and feel for everything, and it was all done in a matter of weeks! Working with Jamie was such a pleasure, he epitomizes "Southern Hospitality" - - - pleasurable attitude, warm, reliable and consistent in his work ethic. While I appreciated Jamie's pleasant and friendly demeanor, I'm most grateful that he was willing to share his knowledge with me through one-on-one instructions. He is a integral part of my start up success! Jamie takes great pride in his work and it was enjoyable to work with him.
In essence, Jamie made this project painless, efficient, fun, and ultimately better than my original vision.
They say, most Southerners never meet a stranger, that sure is the case in my situation, I consider Jamie a friend and I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Devita Davison
Owner / Entrepreneur / The Southern Pantry Company

Jamie and Robyn at Evolution Design are exceptionally efficient and their patient and thorough nature makes working with them a joy. They are masters at the world of Shopify and their experience in both the development and the customer service part of the web business is paramount. Their aesthetic is clean and beautiful and it's been a joy working with them. Evolution has helped launch the first of what I hope to be many Shopify sites under Locily, Gloucester Goods!

Lily Linquata
Founder / Artist / Gloucester Goods

From the first time I spoke with Jamie on the phone I knew that his knowledge of the web design and development industry, and also of Shopify, was trustworthy and deserving of my client's business. Their quick development time, their ability to style out internal pages to match our homepage vision, and their willingness and efficiency in training has been outstanding. Evolutions high-level skill set and their rapid pace of work made this a quick-to-launch and cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality or function. I would recommend their services, and the Shopify platform, to anyone looking to custom design an e-commerce website.

Chris Merrill
CEO / Founder / Super Web-O-Matic, Sister company of Fresh Tilled Soil

Our site was designed and programmed by a good friend of mine, Jamie of Evolution Design in Charleston, SC. If you need a web site, he is the man for the job. Excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and has many great suggestions when you are trying to figure out the toughest of ideas. We are very particular people and Jamie was able to keep his cool and work with us to pull out all the stops for every little detail we wanted.

Mark Stein
Owner / Photographer / Art Letter Prints

Working with Jamie on my website was a extremely refreshing and awesome. Especially after a couple of website fails, I was hesitant to hire a complete stranger all the way across the country who I couldn't even meet in person to perform the careful technical surgery I was in need of. My fears were quickly dispelled by the obvious expert genius of this man, and the pleasure of working with him.
Due to the complicated nature of the ordering process I needed for minutely customized products, I previously had difficulty finding someone who was up to the task. Within the platform of Shopify, Jamie, the master of this domain, was able to clearly design a very usable back-end that allowed for the front-end complexities I needed, in a way I could easily control. He was even able to decipher my crappy, scanned and emailed scribblings without making fun of me.
I also really appreciated something about Jamie I have not been able to find in other programmers: he was very clear with me when ideas I had for the site were not practical. As a non-programmer, not knowing the logistics of work involved in pulling certain things off, I have had trouble communicating that if there is an easier, better way to do something from the programming end, I would rather do it then spend a lot of time and money trying to achieve something that is not worth it.
Jamie was especially excellent in this regard, as he enlightened me about such processes and explained easily why it would be beneficial to do something a different way. His confidence in his abilities to concisely and thoroughly get done what needs doing are perhaps his biggest asset-- and yours when you hire him! Jamie's superlatively awesome programming skills, punctuality, clear communication, dedication, and dazzling wit would lend me to refer anyone to him in a snap.

Seyta Selter
Lady / Founding Duchess / Duchess Clothier

Jamie Sutton has been a fabulous resource for me and my site. He has not only been a trustworthy consultant that has empowered me to manage parts of the site, but also a problem solver and efficient expert in fixing and improving the site. I find him to be accessible, approachable, exceptional in customer service and an excellent communicator. On many occasions he has gone the extra mile. I am very grateful for his attention and talents! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Ruth Beauchamp
Founder / Professional Development / Oranda Works

I hired Jamie to design and build my website and he did a beautiful job! Jamie is really easy to work with and has very deep technical expertise. He built me a stunning website that I could easily update and maintain myself. He has a knack for thinking down the road and coming up with solutions that work now and long into the future. He is also great at researching solutions to problems and presenting options. I have recommended Jamie to a number of friends and they all love him too. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Taryn Voget
CEO / Speaker / Everyday Genius Institute

We hired Jamie and his firm to help us design our new company website with new layout, new photos, and a a new shopping cart. Jamie's work was exemplary, he was a joy to work with, very professional and work was always done on time as promised. We had some unique requirements that he helped accommodate for us, being very flexible in how he solved these problems. Most appreciated for me, personally, was that I was quite a picky customer to work with, requesting changes many times over and being a unnecessary perfectionist at times. However, Jamie worked with us very patiently, and the resulting end product was fantastic. I would highly recommend Jamie and Evolution Design work for anyone looking to quickly design a new website! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Ken Mihara
Creative Consultant / Content Management / Tonserio

Jamie has produced three websites for me over the past four years. He has an extensive knowledge for creating websites that have clean code, easy administrative function, and superb search engine results. Each website has exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Well done Jamie! A+ Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Daniel Quigley
Owner / Photographer / Breeze Photo

Jamie is an excellent designer, illustrator, programmer, and problem solver. He has a rare blend of technical skill and knowledge in technology melded with the heart and mind of a fine artist. I've worked with him on several projects and am always amazed by his work ethic, energy, confidence, and insight he brings to every job. I can't recommend Jamie enough.

Baird Hoffmire
Artist / Illustrator / Electric PaintBrush Studio

Jamie is a top-notch graphic designer with deep technical knowledge. The websites that he designs complement the overall design aesthetic of each client he serves. Additionally, Jamie's technical skills have provided his clients with sites that serve their underlying business needs perfectly. As a result, he is considered a go-to resource by many of his website framework partners, and his skills are highly in demand.

Chuck McCormick
PMP / Senior Project Manager / ICF International

We thought the definition of Computer/Tech savvy was being able to efficiently compose and answer emails, so when we found Jamie he answered our prayers! Evolution design was able to understand our brand, and help create our image. Jamie successfully created this with our logo, labels and web site very seamlessly in a short amount of time, and most importantly with little effort on our part—that’s what makes him good at what he does!

Carrie Morey and Callie White
Owners / Culinary Creators / Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

Jamie is an experienced web designer and worked wonders with my website conversion to an e-commerce site. Using Shopify, he maintained the personality and appearance of my existing website and transformed it into a smoothly functioning e-commerce site. I would recommend Jamie to any business wanting to add shopping cart and on-line sales functionality to the website. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Terry Sadowski
Owner / President / Plaza Suite Boutique

Jamie is a detail-oriented graphics and web designer who is glad to work within your budget. His work/output is unmatched and I highly recommend him to partner with your business to make an effective use of the web for marketing/sales. Thank you a ton Jamie. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Timothy Knight
Owner / President

Evolution Design provides entire concepts for your business. Not only will they design and build your website, but they will assist you in creating a brand for your company. When I began working with Jamie, I had to redesign not only my website, but all of my media, stationary, brochures, ads, and signage. Essentially, I was starting from scratch. In our first meeting, I explained what I was looking for a website and a company brand. Jamie and Evolution Design were able to take my needs and translate them into a working concept for my company. One of the things I appreciated greatly was that Jamie was willing to teach me how to work the back end of my website. As a photographer, I add and change product lines frequently. My being able to make those changes means that I don’t have to wait and I save money. Their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is also impressive. A beautiful website does you no good if it is buried on page 324 of Google! Jamie can help you manage your website so that it is visible! I recommend Evolution Design to anyone who wants to promote a successful business.

Joanna Biondolillo
Owner / Photographer / Image Merchants

As Photography specialists, Breeze Photo was surprised we could create an online sales package website simplified for our customers and our business. Wedding photography is merely a click away from reality! Just make an appointment. Thanks Evolution Design!

Daniel Quigley
Owner / Photographer / Breeze Photo

Evolution Design, Inc., is always ready for a new challenge. We needed a logo in two days and it was delivered. Our labels were printed and ready to go. Thanks again!

Kim E. McAleer
Owner / President / Charleston Promotions

Overall the show went very well. Our counterparts with our Baltimore-based corporate team were really impressed with the presentation and it enabled AAI to be on a fairly level playing field with our competition (from a multi-media perspective). This, coupled with some of our technical demonstrations, gave us the best booth we have ever had. They plan to borrow a copy of this to show to the Baltimore folks. So again, thanks for all of your help. Not to early to start thinking about next year…..

Scott Tucker
PMP / Program Manager / AAI Textron Systems

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We charge $90 per hour. Custom Shopify eCommerce sites generally start at $5500 and go up from there depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Currently booking for mid October 2013!

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